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We are more than just an online shop solution. With payever you get the e-commerce platform for all channels - adapted to your specific needs.

payever Shop Magento Prestashop XT-Commerce Woocommerce
Costs 200.000€ 100.000€ 100.000€ 30.000€
Launch time 1 hour 4-12 months 4-12 months 4-12 months 4-12 months
No coding
Cloud Hosting
Availability 99,99%
Applications via click

payever Shop is your state of the art online shop with all the features you need to sell professionally. Everything works great together, and when you grow, our modular system grows with you. So whether you are just getting started or already a large enterprise, payever Shop is there for you.

Customize what you sell

Creating the perfect design and user experience specifically for the industry you sell in can be challenging. We get it, you don’t just just want a shop that looks great, you want it to sell! That’s why we created individual themes for the goods that you sell - this way, you can be sure to sell more and do less. Watch it in action:

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