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Work at payever

Help us to free commerce and make buying and selling easier for everyone.

Work at payever

Help us to free commerce and make buying and selling easier for everyone.

About us

We believe that a world class team can succeed anything.

Inspiring workplace

A modern designed environment that increases productivity, innovation, and collaboration. Directly by the harbor.

payever creates solutions
that help people to buy and sell.

Since 2013 we've powered over 5.000 businesses with our ecommerce suite of products, and our team has already grown to over 70 employees.

Curious, hard-working and motivated team players.

To achieve our mission our team plays a core role, sharing ideas and dedicating their time and expertise to creating the future of commerce.

You don't need to know everything or have the full skillset.

We see our strength in a variety of skills and characteristics with one mutual attribute: the will to never give up until the aim is reached.

Have an idea?

Pitch it - maybe you can get developers and build your solution inside payever.

Our Values


We don't copy & paste. We draw and type. It was the harder path. We never made it in our 20s. But we think it made us really great in what we do.

Fair play

In 1999 Amazon and eBay dominated commerce. Nearly two decades later nothing changed. Buying and selling is a playground with teams you can´t compete with. We try to change that game.



We remember that exciting moment when our first customer registered with us. We understand that payever exists to help you with problems you face everyday and go the extra mile. Reach us by phone, mail, chat or meet us in person.


Business owners take risks and work hard to make a living out of what they love. That's a spirit we share and the reason we want to become a trustful partner within your community.


We think “design eats logic” and built the best parts of payever on small inspirations: Something we came across the web or saw in an app.


We are a financially stable, innovative, fast, flat, transparent, empowering company.

That means for you:

  • High productivity. Less meetings.

  • Strong support from management and team a like

  • Clear communication

  • Clear expectations

  • Defined tasks + take on more responsibilities as you like

  • Implement your own projects

  • Relaxed hierarchy and access to top management


  • Group activities

  • In-office perks going beyond fruit and snacks

  • Health and de-stress benefits

  • Profit sharing

  • Long term employee benefits with education programs & courses

Hiring process

Our recruitment process is agile just like our projects and can take as little as 1 week, because we think there is no time to waste when we find talent!
1 Talk to one of our people.

Whether you applied online, were contacted by us or just bumped onto our website, this first step will give you a better understanding about our company, culture and mission. Take this chance to ask your most important questions and let us know what your career ambition is. If there is a match you'll fast forward to the CEO or COO chat.

2 Chat with Founders.

Viktor or Artur will continue the process with you and talk more specifically about the role responsibilities. Whether you’ve used the same technologies before, or are looking to learn - what we care the most about is your motivation.

3 Interview with your future team.

We'll invite you here to discover what your new office will look like. When applicable, this interview will include a work trial/simulation. Together with skills and motivation, work culture holds just as much importance in our company, thus we invest time to make sure we fit together. We like to keep things fast and like to reach a hiring decision quickly. We'll strive to provide you with a decision and detailed feedback within a few working days.


Design Lead Hamburg, Hamburg

Are you an experienced UX/UI Design Lead wishing to exploit your talent in a rapidly growing and innovative internet commerce company? Are you dying to show us how to combine the conceptual and the implementation sides of design projects? We're looking for a skilled designer to join our team. Our mission is to create delightful user experiences in and around our applications. Therefore, you ...

HR / Recruiter Hamburg, Hamburg

We're looking for an enthusiastic young professional to join our HQ in Hamburg and help building and retaining our dream-team. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain your experience in all areas of HR and recruitment, joining a tech start-up with an already established and successful product.  In this role, your day will look something like this: Collaborate with the HR and Recruitment ...

We are currently looking for an experienced and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Senior Javascript Developer (ideally with knowledge in our MEAN stack = MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular, Node.JS). In this role, you’ll be able to work on several of payever’s products, spending  3 to 6 months’ on each project, so you’ll be able to acquire new insights and develop your skills ...

You will create multi-platform apps for iOS and Android using Google's new Flutter development framework. Moreover, you will run our mobile development and ensure that our customers get the same great experience they are used to get on the web - also on tablets and phones. Prior experience developing with Flutter is not needed but you should have solid experience in cross device development ...

  As we keep growing to fuel our capability to deliver new business solutions, our team is in need of a great new member. In the role of DevOps Engineer, you’ll jump in working on our most advanced projects from day one, being truly involved in the direction of the product. In this position, you will manage infrastructure projects and processes. A keen attention to detail, problem-solving ...

DevOps Engineer Hamburg, Hamburg

As we keep growing to fuel our capability to deliver new business solutions, our team is in need of a great new member. In the role of DevOps Engineer, you’ll jump in working on our most advanced projects from day one, being truly involved in the direction of the product. In this position, you will manage infrastructure projects and processes. A keen attention to detail, problem-solving ...

QA Automation Engineer Hamburg, Hamburg

We are currently looking for an experienced and detail-oriented individual to join our team as QA Automation Engineer. This position requires a self-motivated individual with strong QA fundamentals and prior programming or automation experience to handle responsibilities which will span all phases of development. In this role, your day will look something like this: Write test plans based ...

Senior Plugin Developer Hamburg, Hamburg

In this role you will be responsible for the delivery of our mission to our growing customer base worldwide. Becoming an integral and core part of our product team from Day One, you will work closely with our existing merchants and help them integrating payever into their shop-systems. In this role, your day will look something like this: Develop plugins with high quality and bug-free ...

Tech Lead Hamburg, Hamburg

We are currently looking for a smart and entrepreneurial Tech Lead to join our Hamburg HQ and drive our development team towards the objective of changing commerce forever. This is an ideal position for a Full Stack Developer or Architect with experience in managing a team who would like to take a step forward in his career and be responsible for our entire commerceOS development.  In this ...

We're currently looking to expand our marketing team with a product-driven, ambitious Marketing Strategist. We're looking for a visionaire, somebody capable and willing to take our marketing strategy towards a new and refreshed direction. In this role, you'll be leading the company's marketing efforts, working side-by-side with our CEO and COO in our Hamburg office and pitch your ideas to ...

Business Development Manager Hamburg, Hamburg

Drive payever´s growth. Business Development works across all teams at payever to drive and enable growth of the business. We lead mission critical, cross-functional efforts, deliver objective analysis and insights, and execute on strategic initiatives. You may dig into winning new market segments, design new business systems and processes to scale payever, help us launch new products, or ...

Operations Manager Hamburg, Hamburg

We're looking for a highly motivated and organised people-person who is passionate about technology, to join us in our ever-growing Hamburg team as Operations Manager. This is an ideal opportunity for a motivated graduate or someone with initial experience in Strategy, Account Management or Operations. Ideally you maturated some experience in tech companies and are currently looking for a new ...

Even more questions?

If you don't see your question here, get in touch with our Talent team coordinator at sara@getpayever.com

Can I apply even though I don’t see a position matching my skills/experience?
Definitely. We're in a strong expansion phase and looking for a variety of talents. Let us know how you could see yourself fitting in and we’ll always get back to you.
What can I expect from working at payever?
Setting up objectives together from Day One, freedom to decide how to organize your work and propose innovative ideas, great communication with the Founders and fast turnaround on projects. All of this makes payever a top workplace.
What is the team like?
We're hungry, hardworking and committed. We have different backgrounds, nationalities, personalities and interests but we enjoy working together towards a common goal. Also, we’re a little weird, just the right amount :-)

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